Here at Mobile Onboard we are very focused in what we do. We specialise in providing simple, cost-effective technology and services for the transport industry that benefits passengers and operators. Put simply – we create journeys your passengers will love!

Our Mobile Onboard team encompass a wide and valued set of skills from technical through to marketing while each of them having a dedicated insight to what transport operators are looking for to make their operations better and passengers’ journeys more enjoyable. The Mobile Onboard lab is constantly working to improve our products and services while also keeping feverishly busy in developing new and exciting features. Before we release any new product we test it on our own bus network. Yes, that’s right, our own bus network! Which means everything we produce is tested and tweaked in a real transport operator environment ensuring reliability, usability and customer satisfaction before a product is commercially available. We are proud of our products and care about our customers so we offer fantastic customer support to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. This includes lifetime warranties, on-site engineer support, remote management and 24/7 email customer service. So should there ever be a problem you’ll be safe in the knowledge that our team will be on call ready to fix an issue quickly and effectively.



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