Bus WiFi with the BEAM bw130


The compact bus Wi-Fi system for a truly connected bus
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Beam bw130 bus Wi-Fi system

A more compact, yet more powerful evolution of our proven on-bus Wi-Fi technology. The high specification bw130 is a robust, self-contained unit designed to be the ideal solution for fast and affordable Wi-Fi on buses and smaller coaches. With no requirement for external antenna it boasts a simple 10 minute installation and allows easy portability between vehicles.

While offering reliable passenger Wi-Fi connectivity the bw130 also features an ‘Accessory Channel’. Passenger information, CCTV and other on-board systems can connect wirelessly to the ‘Accessory Channel’ providing a full-featured, next generation connected bus system.

Apple devices with Beam Bus Wi-Fi Login Screen

Free or Sponsored Internet Access

On-bus passenger Wi-Fi powered by the Beam bw130 enables you to offer your passengers free or sponsored access to the internet on their smartphones, tablets and laptops while traveling on your vehicles.

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4G Network Connectivity

With high-speed 4G modems fitted as standard the Beam bw130 opens up all the benefits fast 4G networks can provide. As well a fast internet experience for the most demanding of passengers it can also provide connectivity to other on-bus systems.

iPhone with your Beam branded portal

Your own branded portal

As standard the Beam bw130 series allows passengers to connect to the Wi-Fi through the mobile optimised Beam captive portal. However, as an option, you can make the portal your own by adding your branding and even additional options. You also get access to your on-bus passenger Wi-Fi usage analytics.

The Beam bw130 series also gives you the freedom to add your own fully designed portal giving you full control of how you want your passengers to experience your On-bus Wi-Fi service.

4G Data SIMs

Flexible data plans to fit your needs

We have a choice of flexible and cost-effective 4G data plans available that offer the best value whatever your on-bus Wi-Fi needs. If you wish set up your own data plans we can configure the Beam bw130 series to work with your choice of data provider so it is ready to go on delivery.

Talking Bus, Advertising and Infotainment Add-on Modules for Beam Wi-Fi

A connected bus that goes beyond passenger Wi-Fi

The Beam bw130 embraces the all the opportunites a Wi-Fi connected bus can offer. Fast on-bus passenger Wi-Fi is just the beginning.

The secure, hidden Accessory Channel allows wireless connection of other on-bus systems such as on-bus passenger information.

The Beam bw130 can host additional modules for infotainment and ‘Talking Bus’ next stop announcements as well as third-party apps which can power on-bus marketing and advertising content.

Install Beam Wi-Fi in your vehicles in as little as ten minutes

Quick to install and portable

The Beam bw130 on-bus Wi-Fi is designed to work out of the box without any technical setup. Add to that a straightforward 10 minute installation and your vehicle downtime is kept to a minimum.

Portability between vehicles is easy to as removing the Beam unit from one vehicle and plugging into another. There is no requirement for any external antenna as the  Beam bw130 is a completely self-contained system.

Beam Wi-Fi fly lead, 12v and mains adapters

Move between vehicles easily with a choice of power adapters

There is a choice of 12v and mains adapters allowing you to power the Beam bw130 Wi-Fi the way you want to. You can buy additional adapters as well as fly leads enabling you to easily move your Beam bw130 on-bus Wi-Fi between vehicles.

BeamCARE Box

When it comes to support we have you covered. Let us take care of you with beamCARE.

BeamCARE is our fully managed service designed so you can get the most from your Beam Wi-Fi systems and have peace of mind you are continually looked after by the technical team that design and build them. With responsive after-sales service, support and lifetime warranties, beamCARE also provides access to our suite of additional services including systems monitoring, 4G data management, GPS fleet tracking and passenger information.

With beamCARE we have you covered.


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