Beam Insight Bus Wi-Fi Management
Beam Insight Remote Management

The remote management system for your Beam devices.

Remote management and systems monitoring of your fleet’s Beam devices is made simple with Beam Insight. Built from the ground up Beam Insight integrates seamlessly with Beam bus Wi-Fi systems* and mTicketr ETMs to provide detailed device monitoring and management remotely.

Centralised System Monitoring

Beam Insight Remote Management - Dashboard

Beam Insight gives you remote and centralised monitoring of all your Beam devices on-board. The web-based system’s dashboard presents you with an overview of all your devices and their connectivity status. With 30 second update intervals the dashboard will always have the latest status for you.

The dashboard also alerts you of any Beam devices running abnormally based on CPU usage, RAM usage and temperature.

Access Individual Beam Devices

Beam Insight Remote Management - Screens with Beam bw280 bus WiFi System

From the Beam Insight’s device list you can see each individual Beam device status overview. The device list allows you to access more in-depth 24 hour individual device history health reports information including uptime, temperature, CPU usage, disk usage and RAM usage.

Last Known Location

Beam Insight Remote Management - Location Map

For Beam devices fitted with GPS, Beam Insight will show you where their last known GPS location is on a detailed map.

BeamCARE Box

Part of the beamCARE services suite

Beam Insight comes as part of our beamCare services suite.

BeamCARE is our fully managed service designed so you can get the most from your Beam powered systems and have peace of mind you are continually looked after by the technical team that design and build them. With responsive after-sales service, support and lifetime warranties, beamCARE also gives you access to our suite of additional services including systems monitoring, 4G data management, GPS fleet tracking and passenger information.

With beamCARE we have you covered.

Beam Insight Bus Wi-Fi Management

Designed and built in the UK


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