The new BeamTV Duo entertains music’s touring A-listers

Premium sleeper bus company Phoenix Bussing are synonymous with providing high-end touring buses for the music industry. With a client list including Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Elton John and Madonna it’s no surprise expectations are very high when it comes to providing the best tour buses for A-list artists and their crew.

The Phoenix Bussing Setra double-decker fleet have custom interiors built with high-quality materials to a stylish modern design. They also take great pride in staying in front of new developments in technology to provide even more comfort to touring personnel.

Passenger infotainment on Phoenix Bussing fleet

Phoenix Bussing have now partnered with Mobile Onboard to deliver a new passenger infotainment system for their fleet of 31 Setra double-deckers. Powered by Mobile Onboard’s BeamTV platform their LABS team worked closely with Phoenix Bussing to provide a custom passenger infotainment solution that met their specific requirements.

Multiscreen access with the BeamTV Duo

Passenger infotainment with the BeamTV Duo multiscreen
The new BeamTV DuoMultiscreen passenger infotainment

During development of the solution the Mobile Onboard LABS team had to create a new product to deliver a key part of the required functionality. Called the BeamTV Duo it allows multiscreen access to BeamTV. For Phoenix Bussing this enables artists and touring personnel to watch different content on TVs in both the upstairs and downstairs lounge areas simultaneously. They can also stream content directly to their own mobile devices when relaxing in their bunks.

Passenger Infotainment installed on sleeper bus
Multiscreens powered by BeamTV Duopassenger infotainment installed in the sleeper bus lounge

Andy Gray, Transport Manager at Phoenix Bussing says “We wanted to simplify the on-bus systems on our fleet while adding new entertainment features that would benefit the comfort of our clients. Mobile Onboard’s BeamTV platform is the perfect technology as it does everything we were looking for. We’ve been able to replace a number of on-bus technologies with just the one Beam bw280 bus Wi-Fi unit which is really impressive.

Corbin Adler from Mobile Onboard added “We pride ourselves in developing products and technologies that have the flexibility to be adapted to a customer’s requirements. Our in-house LABS team have done a great job in applying our BeamTV and Beam on-bus Wi-Fi technology to Phoenix Bussing’s specific passenger infotainment requirements.

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