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Here at Mobile Onboard we understand finding the right bus Wi-Fi system for your bus or coach fleet can seem complex. So here is a list of the most frequently asked questions that will help make choosing bus Wi-Fi a whole lot easier for you.

If you have a question that doesn’t appear here please feel free to contact our team who will be happy to help you.

Can I charge for bus Wi-Fi access or collect data?

Yes, our range of Beam bus Wi-Fi units can be optionally configured to connect via RADIUS servers, such as Purple WiFi and Hot Spot System. These subscription based services give you full control of how you would like to charge for internet access and what data you would like to collect for your marketing activities.

How does Beam bus Wi-Fi work?

The Beam bus Wi-Fi unit is usually shipped fully configured for you, ready to plug and play. Once installed and the vehicle is powered the unit will take a few minutes to boot up and search for a network signal. Once it has connected to the network passengers will be able to connect to the Wi-Fi channel. They will then need to enter a password if you have requested that one be set up. Once connected to the Wi-Fi they will be taken to a landing portal which will allow them to connect to the internet. From there they are free to surf the web.

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Does Beam bus Wi-Fi work outside the UK?

We can currently supply and ship anywhere within the EU. In the UK we can also provide a number of flexible 4G data plans. If you are planning to use Beam bus Wi-Fi outside of the UK you will need to source your own data SIM cards. You will be able to set your own network APNs for your SIMs when you receive the Beam bus Wi-Fi units.

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How easy is Beam bus Wi-Fi to install?

All our Beam bus Wi-Fi units are designed for simple installation and only require a 2 wire connection. This is usually wired to the master switch via a live and earth wire. Alternatively, we can offer additional power sources such as 12v (Cigarette Lighter) or mains 240v Plug adapters to easily power the unit and move between vehicles. The units will run from either a 12/24-volt power supply.

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How big is the Beam bus Wi-Fi unit?

The Beam bw130 – 175W x 246L x 55H
The Beam bw200 series – 210W x 345L x 63H
Dimensions include mounting flanges and power outlets.

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Do I need any additional equipment on top of the hardware itself?

No. All of our Beam bus Wi-Fi units are self-contained complete with a built in Wi-Fi antenna.
In some cases, where 3G/4G signal is particularly limited we can supply a vehicle mounted 4G boosting antenna. However this could only boost the signal by up to 10% -15%.

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What are the differences between the Beam bw130 & the Beam bw200 Series?

We have product data sheets for the Beam bw130 and Beam bw200 series available to download. These data sheets outline the key differences however please call our sales team if you require more information.

Download Beam bw130 Data Sheet
Download Beam bw200 Series Data Sheet

Is there a minimum contract on the Wi-Fi Data and Beam Care?

Most of our 4G data contracts are on a 30-day rolling contract so you will not be tied into a 12 or 24-month contact. We do require 30 day written notice to cancel both BeamCARE or the data packages. If you wish to terminate your data SIM within the first 12 months you will be subject to a disconnection charge per SIM.

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Are there any additional monthly charges?

The only other additional charges outside of the data and BeamCARE would be for out-of-bundle data charges.
If you exceed your data limit you will be billed at the network rate per MB over. Please contact our sales team for information about these charges.

Do we incur additional roaming charges?

Our UK data SIMs have data roaming disabled so that you will not incur any EU roaming charges. If you leave the UK and are using our data SIMs the unit will simply not connect to the internet.

Can we have certain content such as adult sites and video steaming blocked?

Yes. We have control over the sites that are accessed. We can blacklist individual websites such as netflix.com or youtube.com however we are unable to provide a full list as this changes on a daily basis.

You can subscribe to your own DNS content filtering system, such as Open DNS which we can integrate into the unit. This allows to you to block high level access to sites with gaming, video or adult content.

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What is a landing portal?

A landing portal is a webpage that is stored locally on the Beam Wi-Fi unit itself. This is where your passengers are taken to before they connect to the internet. Very similar to other public Wi-Fi services you find in restuarants, hotels and pubs. This portal is always available whether or not there is a 4G signal. You can have your own branded operator portal and this can be set up to re-direct passengers through to a URL of your choice, such as your website, when they connect to the internet.

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Can I have the Wi-Fi password protected?

Yes. This is can be set-up when we configure the Beam bus Wi-Fi units for you. Password protection will stop outside users from accessing the free Beam bus Wi-Fi. If you wish to you can use the password protection to charge the Wi-Fi out for group bookings.

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How can a passenger access Beam bus Wi-Fi?

Your passengers can access Bean bus Wi-Fi using a browser on their device. The network can be configured as an open hotspot, or a captive portal, depending on your requirements.

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What download speeds can I get on the Wi-Fi?

Typically downloads speed will depend on a number of factors. These include; how many people are connected to Beam bus Wi-Fi, the strength of the 4G signal, and any other Wi-Fi contention (if you are in a very built up area with lots of Wi-Fi channels). As standard, we rate limit our units to a download speed of 2mbsp per user. This means that they can easily browse emails, social media and google search. However activities such as video streaming, music streaming and big data downloads would experience difficulty and buffering. This therefore helps to keep data usage to a minimum. We can set other configurations for download speeds and user limitations should you wish subject to additional setup costs.

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What is the 4G network signal like?

It depends on a number of factors. Which network provider you are on, which data cell tower the SIM is using at that particular time, how many people are using the Beam bus Wi-Fi etc… If you are concerned about the coverage for your area/routes, please contact us and we can run a report to see what signal strength data we get back. In extreme cases, where the signal is particularly limited we can supply a vehicle mounted 4G boosting antenna. However this could only boost the 4G by up to 10% -15%.

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Is it possible to run my own applications on Beam bus Wi-Fi?

Yes, the system is open. Beam bus Wi-Fi runs on a Linux platform where you can access the content areas and run your own Linux or Web-based applications on the system. You can also access the GPS feed data from the system (if fitted) for use in your own applications.

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How do I add films, music, content on the bw280 BeamTV?

The bw280 BeamTV has a solid-state drive for storage of media content which can be accessed by the on-board media server. The content can be uploaded to the on-board server using SSH/SCP, SFTP or via the media centre’s Web-based interface. In addition to the hardware cost, we provide an initial BeamTV setup, configuration and training program which includes; one of our team to come and setup servers to upload and distribute media content to the devices, setup at one dedicated office location (in the UK) and training on how to use the system.

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Is there a serial port on the bw280 (e.g. RS485) that I can connect my system to?

There is no serial port on the Beam bw280 but you can connect to the system via secure shell (SSH) over wireless or Ethernet. The device also has a USB port which allows you to connect an RS485 adapter to it if you needed to.

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How long will it take to receive my Beam Bus Wi-Fi order?

Typical lead times to receive your goods are 2-3 weeks from receipt of payment. This cannot not always be guaranteed during periods of high demand. We do always try our best to work to customers’ timescales so just let us know your requirements should you need the equipment urgently.

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