Mobile Onboard announce low-cost, handheld ticket barcode validation with the mTicketr HT-5000

Mobile Onboard, known for their Beam bus Wi-Fi and My Mobile Tickets ticketing technologies, have extended their new mTicketr product range by announcing a low-cost, handheld mobile ticket validator to the line-up.

Called the mTicketr HT-5000, the handheld is designed for operators who want the ability to quickly validate mobile tickets with QR codes either as passengers board or for inspectors doing spot checks on passengers’ tickets. Ideal where revenue protection is a priority such as driverless trams, school buses and commuter services using mobile ticketing. The handheld also features a passenger count that automatically updates each time a valid ticket is scanned. A very handy feature when limited seats are available.

Ticket Barcode Validation with the mTicketr HT-5000
The mTicketr HT-5000

The mTicker HT-5000 features a fast, built-in 2D barcode scanner for easy scanning of QR codes on mobile screens or on printed e-tickets. Once scanned the HT-5000 will provide the driver or inspector with quick validation of the ticket. If a scanned ticket fails validation it will provide full details of the ticket and even a photo of the passenger who bought the ticket. With an excellent battery life the unit can easily perform all day before it needs recharging.

The mTicketr HT-5000 always has access to the latest ticket information as it is constantly connected. Which can either be via bus Wi-Fi such as Mobile Onboard’s Beam bus Wi-Fi systems or by inserting a data SIM in the HT-5000’s built-in SIM card slot.

My Mobile Tickets - The complete smart mobile ticketing solution
The mTicketr HT-5000 integrates seamlessly with My Mobile Tickets

Powered by My Mobile Tickets, the mTicketr HT-5000 integrates seamlessly with Mobile Onboard’s smart ticketing platform. This means all its scan data and passenger counts can be accessed in real-time by the operator in Kiosk, the My Mobile Tickets online, back office reporting and management system.

Mobile Onboard’s Corbin Adler says “The HT-5000 makes a valuable addition to our mTicketr line-up for operators who want the convenience of this kind of device. We have delivered a handheld mobile ticket validator that has the features and capabilities needed while being reliable, robust and low-cost.

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