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HOW TO – Insert a New SIM Card (All Models)

If your BEAM unit doesn’t already come with a SIM card installed, then you will need to open up the unit in order to insert your SIM card.  Details on how to do this are also within the User Guide that accompanies your unit.

Steps to insert a SIM card

1) Ensure the unit is powered off and undo the 12 screws located along the top edges of the unit’s sides.

2) Lift the lid off and locate the modem module inside.  This is a rectangular black or bronze device (depending on the age of your unit) with a “Works With Beam” label affixed to it.
BEAM BW100 - Modem Location
BEAM BW130 - Modem Location
BEAM BW230 & BW280 - Modem Location
  • Black/Silver Modem – Go to step 3
  • Bronze Modem – Go to step 4

3) Black/silver Modem – On the side or top of the modem (depending on its orientation) – lift the little cover flap labelled SIM and insert the SIM card.  With the end of the SIM with the diagonal corner going in first push in all the way until it clicks into place.  Using another SIM card or flat-edge screwdriver to push it in can make this easier.

4) Bronze Modem – On the side or top of the modem (depending on its orientation) – Slide the SIM cover off and slide in the SIM card ensuring the flat end goes in first.  Push in all the way in until it can go no further.  We recommend taping in the SIM to prevent it potentially working loose through any vibrations. Replace the SIM cover.

4) Replace lid and screws.

5) Power the unit back up again.  Once powered up you may need to change the Mobile Network APN settings for the SIM card to connect to the Internet.  Read this article to learn how to do this…

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