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INFO – My Mobile Tickets Test Platform

We have a staging site which allows you to try the My Mobile Tickets platform in a non-production environment.  We use this to test our application before we release new features, but we can also set-up your account and tickets for you to review and try and buy before they go live.

You can access this Staging site at:
NOTE: this instance of our platform is not secure (it does not have an SSL certificate), although the test payment gateways are.

If you would like to make a test payment, you can use the following Sandbox PayPal account at the checkout:
PayPal Login:
Password: TicketBuyer

You can also make test card purchases using the card details found here:!/technical-resources/test-card

Alternatively, once you have created an account on the test platform, you can ask your account manage to add funds to your Mobile Wallet.

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