mTicketr HT9000 Handheld Ticket Machine


Ticket validation at your fingertips with the HT9000
mTicketr HT9000 - Handheld mobile ticket validation

Handheld ticket barcode validation for public transport operators.







Mobile ticket validation that is low-cost and powerful. The mTicketr HT9000 handheld is designed for operators who want the ability to quickly validate mobile tickets with QR codes either as passengers board or for inspectors doing passenger ticket spot checks. Ideal where revenue protection is a priority such as driverless trams, school buses and commuter services using mobile ticketing.

The mTicketr HT9000, like the mTicketr Smart ETM, also features a passenger count that automatically updates each time a valid ticket is scanned. A very handy feature when limited seats are available.

mTicketr HT9000 with mobile ticket

Mobile ticket scanning. Validate in an instant.

Powered by My Mobile Tickets

The mTicketr HT9000 is powered by My Mobile Tickets, seamlessly integrating with our award-winning mobile ticketing platform, giving it the power to validate mobile tickets in an instant.

High performance barcode scanning

The mTicketr HT9000 has a high-performance 2D barcode scanner built in. It can scan and validate a mobile ticket’s QR code direct from a mobile phone screen at sub-second speeds. Much quicker and more accurate than visual validation by the driver it also logs data in real-time that can be accessed in Kiosk, My Mobile Ticket’s back office reporting and management system.

mTicketr HT9000 with Kiosk

Constant connectivity for constant insight.





The mTicketr HT9000 integrates seamlessly with Kiosk, our full-featured online reporting and management system. Kiosk gives you detailed reports for all onboard ticketing and validation data. The mTicketr HT9000’s constant connectivity capabilities ensures the latest data will always be at your fingertips for those valuable ticketing insights.

Wi-Fi and mobile network connectivity

The mTicketr HT9000’s built-in Wi-Fi allows it to wirelessly connect to a vehicle’s Wi-Fi system, such as our on-bus Beam Wi-Fi systems. Alternatively inserting a data SIM in the HT9000’s built-in SIM card slot gives it connectivity to mobile networks where on-bus Wi-Fi isn’t available.

Kiosk hub mTicketing solution

Part of the future-proof and scalable smart ticketing solution.

The mTicketr HT9000 is part of My Mobile Tickets, a smart ticketing platform that is future-proof and offers incredible scalability. With a focus on today’s payment trends and an eye on tomorrow’s, My Mobile Tickets, combined with Kiosk, the mTicketr smart ETM and the mTicketr HT9000, has what you need to become your mTicketing solution of choice.

Mobile Ticketing iPhones with My Mobile Tickets
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