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Mobile devices are fast becoming the go to tool for passenger information and ticketing. As a result more and more operators are adopting mobile ticketing to allow passengers to buy tickets anytime, anywhere. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions from operators looking to roll out mobile ticketing.

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How quickly can I roll out mobile ticketing with My Mobile Tickets?

My Mobile Tickets can be up and running with your tickets available to passengers in a matter of days. My Mobile Tickets is a fully scalable platform however and any integrations or enterprise level services can take longer depending on the level of requirements. Our team can assist you on any particular requirements and establish a speedy timescale for your mobile ticketing rollout.

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Do I get ticket sales notifications?

No solution should be an island. The My Mobile Tickets system will give you real time information about the tickets you have sold, and will allow your own point-of-sale systems to issue mobile tickets and query ticket information.

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Can My Mobile Tickets integrate with my systems?

Our powerful TicketXchange API allows you to integrate your systems with our platform so that you can issue mobile tickets from your own point-of-sale system or Web site via My Mobile Tickets. This means that you can ultimately issue unlimited ticket types using the templates stored within your account. Please contact us for more information about the TicketXchange API.

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How secure are mTickets?

We include features such as animation, security backgrounds, embedded photos, watermarking and validation codes ensuring that the tickets can be verified quickly and easily, whilst making them difficult to tamper with and alter. Our mTickets are also embedded with barcodes or QR codes for scanning with suitable equipment in order to validate or redeem the ticket.

Also My Mobile Ticket’s single device security prevents the ticket loading on multiple devices.

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Can I use my branding on My Mobile Tickets?

Yes, My Mobile Tickets can add your branding to your own retailer section and your tickets. Our Enterprise level provides a full white label solution that can be fully branded throughout allowing you to have you own hosted Mobile Ticketing platform.

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Is My Mobile Tickets a future proof platform?

Yes, My Mobile Tickets has an ongoing product roadmap for the future, designed to move forward and evolve as mobile becomes the go to tool for passenger information and ticketing. All new features are created centrally on My Mobile Tickets becoming available to each operator at no additional cost.

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What types of tickets are supported?

My Mobile Tickets allows the purchase of practically any type of ticket. Ticket types include a variety of season tickets, fixed term tickets and multi-trip ‘carnet’ tickets.

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What mobile devices are supported by My Mobile Tickets?

My Mobile Tickets supports all modern mobile devices with an internet connection. As My Mobile Tickets is a web app it removes the barrier for passengers having to download any apps to their mobile device.

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Can mTickets be accessed offline?

Yes, My Mobile Tickets allows passengers to access their mTickets offline. This enables passengers to travel even if they don’t have an internet connection.

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