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Kiosk mTicketing management for My Mobile Tickets

mTicketing management and reporting for My Mobile Tickets

Kiosk is the companion mTicketing management and reporting console that gives you the tools to quickly manage users and tickets on your My Mobile Tickets account. With Kiosk’s full reporting features you can access and download all your latest and historical sales reports. Kiosk also has seamless integration with our mTicketr smart ETM to provide live, detailed on-board ticketing and validation reporting.

As soon as you login, Kiosk gives you the latest overview of your mTicket sales and top performing mTickets. While the quick tasks present you with the tools to quickly find a customer or a purchased mTicket’s status.

Customer Management

Kiosk mTicketing Management - Manage Customers

Kiosk gives you instant access to all customers on your My Mobile Tickets account. With powerful search tools you can quickly find a customer, view their details, their current tickets and review their full ticket history.

mTicket Management

Kiosk mTicketing Management System

All your existing mTickets available for purchase are accessible for you to view and edit in Kiosk. Your ticket list can be filtered making light work of finding the mTicket you are looking for.

Kiosk also makes finding and viewing purchased mTickets an easy task. You can then view the customer who bought it and change the ticket’s validity status.

Create Your Own Voucher Codes

Kiosk mTicketing managment and reporting - voucher codes

Promote a new service or a new mTicket with Kiosk’s voucher code tool. You can create promotional discount voucher codes quickly and easily with a set of redemption options you can define.

Full mTicket Sales Reporting

Kiosk mTicketing Management - Reporting

Keep up-to-date with all your mTicket sales in Kiosk. With full reporting capabilities Kiosk allows you to access and download your mTicket sales history. With a useful set of reporting filters at your fingertips you can fine-tune your reports to include all the data you want.

Real-time On-board Reporting with mTicketr

mTicketing Management - On-board reporting with mTicketr

Kiosk has seamless integration with our mTicketr smart ETM providing up-to-date, detailed reporting for on-board ticketing, mTicket validation, passenger numbers and earnings.

On-Board reports can be filtered by route, driver, vehicle and bus stop ID to give you the fine-tuned data you want.

The Hub for a future-proof and scalable smart ticketing solution

Kiosk hub mTicketing solution

Kiosk provides the hub of management and reporting to our future-proof and scalable ticketing solution. With a focus on today’s payment trends and an eye on tomorrow’s, My Mobile Tickets combined with Kiosk and mTicketr smart ETM has what you need to become your mTicketing solution of choice.

Kiosk mTicketing Management - Screens Lineup

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