Next Stop Announcement System with Beam Next Stop passenger information


Talking bus system - Passenger Information - Travel in Confidence with Beam Next Stop Announcement Sytem

BEAM Next Stop announcements allows your passengers to travel with confidence.

Next stop announcement, also know as Talking Buses, and passenger information is key to providing passengers confidence in traveling on bus services. BEAM Next Stop is part of our suite of BEAM technologies that delivers visual and audio next stop announcements on both on-board screens and passengers’ own smartphones. BEAM Next Stop removes passengers’ worry of missing their bus stops and replaces it with a stress-free journey.

Clear and rugged screens

Next stop announcement and passenger information screen with Beam Next Stop

Rugged and designed for public transport, BEAM Next Stop’s on-board screens provide passengers with clear, real-time progress of their journey while the audio announcements keep them updated of current and upcoming stops.

Personalised audio announcements on passenger smartphones

Personal next stop announcements with Beam Next Stop

BEAM Next Stop can be accessed by passengers directly on their own smartphone without the need to download an app to do so. BEAM Next Stop on the smartphone allows passengers to set their desired destination stop, they can sit back and relax as it gives them their own personal next stop announcements.

Passengers can also access the more detailed stop information available on their smartphone including train stations and connecting travel information, shopping and attractions.

Advanced next stop announcement capabilities

Advanced next stop announcements with Beam Next Stop

The BEAM Next Stop system gives complete control of the next stop announcement audio. The system’s capabilities include an advanced speech engine that can auto-generate high quality ‘talking bus’ announcements in different languages and in both male and female voices with no mispronunciation. Pre-recorded audio announcement files are also supported and can be easily uploaded to BEAM Next Stop. Additional next stop announcement information can be added to stops, ideal for highlighting train stations, amenities, sponsored stops, attractions and the end of routes.

Cloud based route management

Next stop announcment management with Beam Route Buildr

Service routes, bus stops and audio announcements can be easily created and managed using BEAM Route Buildr. An easy to use cloud based route management system, BEAM Route Buildr controls every aspect of a service’s route for BEAM Next Stop, accessible at any time, from any computer.

Seamless integration with BEAM bus Wi-Fi systems

BEAM bw230 Bus Wi-Fi System

BEAM Next Stop is powered by GPS and Wi-Fi. It integrates seamlessly as an add-on to our BEAM on-bus Wi-Fi systems using both the dedicated Wi-Fi and built-in GPS capabilities to provide an accurate and accessible next stop announcement system. BEAM Wi-Fi systems communicate directly with BEAM Route Buildr to download the latest service route information for BEAM Next Stop.

The integration with BEAM bus Wi-Fi makes BEAM Next Stop a cost-effective next stop announcement system with a compelling list of features while the BEAM bus Wi-Fi system provides a powerful on-bus connectivity hub with passenger Wi-Fi, fleet tracking and future-proof capabilities.

beamCARE box

Part of the beamCARE services suite

BEAM Next Stop is available as part of our beamCARE services suite.

beamCARE is our fully managed service designed so you can get the most from your BEAM powered systems and have peace of mind you are continually looked after by the technical team that design and build them. With responsive after-sales service, support and lifetime warranties, beamCARE also gives you access to our suite of additional services including systems monitoring, 4G data management, GPS fleet tracking and passenger information.

With beamCARE we have you covered.

Talking bus system - Passenger Information - Travel in Confidence with Beam Next Stop Announcement Sytem

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