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Passenger infotainment with the BeamTV Duo multiscreen

BeamTV Duo.
The multiscreen add-on for BeamTV

Beam bw280 and BeamTV on iPhone

BeamTV passenger infotainment, powered by our flagship Beam bw280 bus Wi-Fi system, can stream on-demand content direct to passengers’ mobile devices as standard. BeamTV also connects to both factory installed and retrofitted coach entertainment systems allowing you to play content across all the coach’s screens.

What if, however, you require a more sophisticated way for your passengers to access BeamTV?  What if your passengers could access on-demand infotainment over multiple screens?

Multiscreen passenger infotainment

BeamTV Duo multiscreens lineup

Say hello to BeamTV Duo. A small, low-cost, add-on unit that gives multiscreen, on-demand access to BeamTV allowing passengers to access content such as movies, TV box sets and music. Designed for a higher level of passenger infotainment it is perfect for operators who offer executive luxury travel to VIP passengers. The end result is an enhanced experience for passengers who spend extended times travelling such as touring artists and production crew.

The BeamTV Duo is a compact unit which sits discreetly behind the screen, such as an HDTV, where you want to give on-demand access to BeamTV. Multiscreen on-demand passenger infotainment can be achieved by simply adding additional screens with their own BeamTV Duo attached.

Tailored passenger infotainment

Passenger Infotainment - BeamTV Products Lineup

Our Beam bw280 passenger Wi-Fi system boasts advanced networking capabilities. Combined with its built-in BeamTV media centre and the BeamTV Duo, you have the capability to easily set up an on-demand, multiscreen passenger infotainment system that is tailored to your needs while giving your passengers a great experience and enchanced journey comfort.

BeamCARE Box

When it comes to support we have you covered. Let us take care of you with beamCARE.

BeamCARE is our fully managed service designed so you can get the most from your Beam Wi-Fi systems and have peace of mind you are continually looked after by the technical team that design and build them. With responsive after-sales service, support and lifetime warranties, beamCARE also gives you access to our suite of additional services including systems monitoring, 4G data management, GPS fleet tracking and passenger information.

With beamCARE we have you covered.

Passenger infotainment with the BeamTV Duo

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