Passenger infotainment with BeamTV Duo entertains music A-listers
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Project Overview

Premium sleeper bus company Phoenix Bussing provide high-end touring buses for the music industry’s A-listers. Expectations are high when it comes to providing the best tour buses for touring artists and their crew.

With custom interiors built to a high-quality, stylish modern design, Phoenix Bussing wanted a new passenger infotainment system to complete a truly comfortable environment for their VIP passengers.

Recognising the flexibility of our BeamTV platform Phoenix bussing chose it as the system they wanted to install on their fleet of sleeper buses. They had specific requirements on how passengers would access the infotainment and how the BeamTV content needed to be managed across their fleet.


The solution started with the Beam bw280, our flagship on-bus Wi-Fi system which comes with BeamTV passenger infotainment built-in. It can stream media direct to passengers’ mobile devices and connect via HDMI to coaches’ built-in entertainment systems. However Phoenix Bussing wanted BeamTV to allow passengers to play different content on TVs located in both the downstairs and upstairs lounges simultaneously. This isn’t something the Beam bw280 with BeamTV could do off-the-shelf.

Multiscreen access with the BeamTV Duo
While working on the solution the LABS team developed a new product to deliver the required multiscreen functionality. Called the BeamTV Duo it is a small network connected box that allows remote control access to BeamTV on any TV or screen it is connected to via HDMI.

Centralised Content Management
Phoenix Bussing wanted a way of easily managing content on BeamTV across their entire fleet of 31 sleeper buses from one central point at their headquarters. Using the Beam bw280’s Wi-Fi capabilities the LABS team modified its networking configuration to connect to a NAS (Network-attached storage) drive installed on each bus and a dedicated private Wi-Fi channel was added to the Beam bw280. A mesh Wi-Fi network was then installed to the Phoenix Bussing yard which the Beam bw280 on each bus automatically connects to when it arrives back at the yard. At this point any updated content is uploaded to BeamTV over the yard Wi-Fi network from a central master NAS drive.


Key Activities

Passenger Infotainment
On-bus Wi-Fi
System Networking
Product Development
Yard Wi-Fi Infrastructure

Solution Products

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