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Project Overview

The Kings Ferry wanted to move their commuter services towards a cashless system with the adoption of mobile ticketing and E-ticketing while using rapid barcode validation of mobile tickets on-board their vehicles. To help them improve their services they wanted to be able to collect and analyze the data collected from on-board their fleet of commuter coaches.

The Solution

The Kings Ferry’s smart ticketing solution required a combination of a mobile ticketing app, mobile ticket validation, real-time reporting and analytics, ticket management and on-bus data collection. All of which would be powered by our My Mobile Tickets platform.

Mobile Ticketing
A dedicated mobile ticketing application was set up for The Kings Ferry that enabled their customers to buy all their current commuter tickets direct on their mobile devices. Customers also have the option to buy their tickets online and print them out as E-tickets. Both the mobile tickets and E-tickets feature an encrypted QR code for validation when boarding a commuter service.

Ticket Validation
All of the Kings Ferry commuter services have been fitted with our mTicketr smart ETMs featuring sub-second barcode scanners for fast ticket validation as passengers board. The mTicketr gives the driver instant visual notification on every scanned ticket’s validity.

Real-time Reporting and Ticket Management
Real-time reporting and ticket management is provided by Kiosk, our web-based reporting system, that can be accessed anywhere and at any time. With Kiosk the Kings Ferry can access real-time data on their ticket sales, customer ticketing accounts and detailed custom reporting from on-board their commuter services including passenger counting.

Depot Wi-Fi Infrastructure
The Kings Ferry required any data that hadn’t been sent from the smart ETMs is collected from the fleet as they arrive back at their depot. After carrying out an on-site survey the LABS team installed a mesh Wi-Fi network. Each mTicketr smart ETM automatically connects to the depot Wi-Fi network when it arrives back at the depot, downloading any remaining data. Any updates to the mTicketrs, such as new route details, are also uploaded automatically.


The Kings Ferry
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Key Activities

Mobile ticketing
Smart ETMS
Handheld ticket validation
Depot Wi-Fi infrastructure

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