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Project Overview

Grayline Iceland, the leading tour operator in Iceland, wanted to add more value and give passengers more insight to Iceland during their bus tours.

They approached Mobile Onboard and their LABs team to provide a passenger infotainment solution that allowed them to automatically play their tour videos on buses at key locations with GPS triggering.


The solution started with the Beam bw280, our flagship on-bus Wi-Fi system which comes with the BeamTV passenger infotainment media server and SSD (Solid State Drive) storage built-in. It can stream media direct to passengers’ mobile devices and connect via HDMI to coaches’ built-in entertainment systems.

Automatic tour video playback trigger by GPS
Grayline Iceland wanted to add much more context to key locations on their tours. Utilising BeamOS, the Beam bw280’s open operating system and built-in GPS capabilities, Grayline Iceland produced and installed their own application, enabling the automatic playing of location specific videos.  as their buses progress along their routes adding much more context to key locations on their tours.

Remote content distribution management
Managing the content across their fleet of 90 buses was a key consideration for Grayline Iceland. With so much tour video content to manage and with so many buses this needed to be done from their office in a quick and efficient way. Using the Beam CDS (Content Distribution Service) our LABs team worked with Grayline Iceland to configure it to their specific requirements, allowing them to easily manage all their tour video content remotely across their whole fleet. With the Beam Content Distribution Service they have the flexibility to choose which vehicles have what video content, allowing them to add, remove and update by individual bus, groups of buses or across the whole fleet.


Key Activities

Passenger Infotainment
On-bus Wi-Fi
Content Management
Systems Monitoring
GPS Tracking

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