A new Talking Bus System that has something to say

Mobile Onboard have announced the release of Beam Next Stop, their new Talking Bus System. It has been built from the ground up by their in-house product development team and is designed to compete against existing next stop announcement systems on simplicity, features and cost.

Talking Buses – Increasing passenger confidence for a stress-free journey

Next stop announcements have proven key to increasing passenger confidence when travelling on bus services by removing the worry of missing bus stops. Mobile Onboard have clearly thought about both the passenger experience and operators when developing Beam Next Stop. With its simplicity, features and cost, Beam Next Stop is a Talking Bus System that clearly has something to say.

Talking bus system - Personal next stop announcements with Beam Next Stop

Personal announcements on passenger smartphones

Personal announcements for passengers is a standout feature. Passengers can access Beam Next Stop directly on their smartphones, set their destination stop and get personal alerts as the bus approaches their stop. They don’t even need to download an app. Passenger smartphone access runs in tandem with any on-board screens and also offers additional information on stops such as walking directions to nearby amenities.

An advanced speech generation engine produces high quality audio announcements while there is also support for pre-recorded voice announcements. Additional announcements can be added to stops, ideal for highlighting train stations, amenities, sponsored stops, attractions and the end of routes.

A compelling Talking Bus system

Mobile Onboard’s ethos of keeping their products and services simple yet powerful shines through in Beam Next Stop. It is available as an integrated add-on to their highly regarded Beam Wi-Fi systems, allowing for a very cost-effective solution while eliminating the requirement for a separate next stop announcement system.

Corbin Adler from Mobile Onboard says “We spent a lot of time looking at existing Talking Bus Systems and we believe Beam Next Stop delivers on all the best they have to offer while adding that little bit more to make it a very compelling Talking Bus solution for operators.

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