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Let us innovate your transport systems

Wireless and connected technology for transport systems is where our expertise is firmly focused. The ongoing evolution of technology constantly presents exciting new opportunities for the transport industry. Our transport systems LABS team are here to work with you and make your ideas a reality.

Innovative. Rapid. Cost-effective.

Innovation is what we do. We won’t redesign the wheel. Instead we work and integrate with existing off-the-shelf technology. This enables us to rapidly develop a product or system that is also very cost-effective.

What’s the big idea?

Whether you are an operator, business or organisation, we can work with you to develop and innovate new product ideas. As well as developing new products we also offer full integration services allowing you to integrate your exisiting systems with either our own technologies or new products. Our transport systems LABS team are the same people who have successfully designed, built and launched our own bus Wi-Fi and Mobile Ticketing technologies. So you couldn’t be in safer or more experienced hands as we work with you through the development of your project.

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Come to us with your idea or requirement and our transport systems LABS team will know how to quickly understand, advise and scope out your project. From that point on the design process ensures a rapid and concise solution.


Our use of off-the-shelf technology and agile workflow enables us to produce working prototypes rapidly. This approach highlights our ability to reduce costs and timescales at this key stage of any project


Our knowledge of developing products and systems for the transport industry means there is ongoing development to fine-tune throughout any project.


Electronics, software integration, hardware, enclosures and wearables. We have the in-house expertise to design and integrate while also working with suppliers for any project manufacturing requirements.


Having experience in bringing our own products successfully to market, we can work with you to get your product market ready and geared up for a successful launch.


Mobile Onboard LABS Logo

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